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The MORNINGSIDE BUYING CLUB began in 1983 as an effort to purchase good wholesome food in bulk for our family and a few friends and neighbors. Over 600 families later, we are still sharing purchases with old as well as new friends.

We are Barb and Jim Joyner. We live our lives, farm our crops and operate the Morningside Buying Club in rural middle Tennessee. We serve buying club members within about a 75 mile radius from where we live.

Our children grew up on the farm and in the buying club. Now our grandchildren and the children of some of our first members are enjoying and benefiting from the Morningside legacy.

While providing food is the way we make our living, ours is a personal mission to provide folks with whatever service it takes to help them along the road to a wholesome and healthy diet.
We support local agriculture and enterprise either directly in the buying club or indirectly through networking to help members and local enterprises find one another.

What does Morningside mean?

Wholesome food at fair prices.
By seeking out like-minded suppliers and keeping overhead to a minimum, we are able to charge a reasonable price for a high quality product .Our members, in effect, help each other to get handbags replica the best deal by purchasing bulk quantities every four weeks instead of every-other-day visits to the grocer. By keeping our expenses low, operating from our farm and having essentially no inventory, we are able to pass along the savings to you.

Careful selection of suppliers for integrity and quality.
Most of our suppliers are family-owned and operated farms or businesses. We are personal friends with practically everyone we buy from. We know them and we feel good about supporting them. We hope you'll feel just as good about helping other families earn a right living.

Care for the land and environment.
As much as possible we use recycled or recyclable supplies. We encourage, through our member's support, a more sustainable agriculture by our watches replica selection of products that are organically grown or grown with fewer chemicals. We apply environmentally friendly practices to our farm and our business, and choose suppliers by the same standards.

If you have questions or want more information, please call us at (615) 563-2353 or contact us. Our mailing address is: 215 Morningside Lane, Liberty, TN 37095.
How does Morningside do it?

The operation of the Morningside Buying Club is much like a co-op. Every four weeks, 12 times a year, you may buy in bulk or in specified quantities for the same low prices. . . but without the meetings, work-time requirements, or investment of a co-op.

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Actually, as members, many small co-ops enjoy our competitive pricing. They also like our individualized invoicing and combining methods. (See our article on co-oping)

Many of our services are unique and free. We maintain a growing database of product information for food and products we sell. You may want to start by reading our article on Getting Started with Natural Foods. We are not health professionals but we are able to share the experiences of our members.

Members receive or have access to our bulletin each month with schedules, sale items, new products, recipes and other helpful information.

Our catalog has changed recently. To become a member, you will need to Register . After you have registered we will contact you to get aquainted and to find how we may be of service to you. After registering you may log in and join other families in their quest for:

Great Foods for a Better You!

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